Best food to get white teeth

To maintain the teeth, dental care and oral hygiene begin with nutrition. Stress, alcohol, tobacco, and dishes that contain fats tend to turn the teeth yellow. Here is some best food to get white teeth for healthy food in the kitchen.



The pineapple fruit contains enzyme known as bromelain, which helps dissolve plaque on teeth and naturally remove stains. Pineapple also has an anti-inflammatory effect.



Bananas contain many vitamins and minerals that promote white teeth, and most of the vitamins are included in the peel of the banana. It is advised to rub the inside of the banana peel against the teeth and let the “paste” take effect for ten minutes. Then rub in with a dry toothbrush so that the banana paste is well distributed. Finally, brush your teeth thoroughly with toothpaste to remove the remains of the banana.



The red strawberry are not only delicious for a flat stomach; they also make teeth whiter. The small kernels contain a lot of vitamins and fruit acids that remove discoloration from the teeth. The strawberries have an enzyme which is a natural astringent (malic acid) and helps remove surface stains from tooth enamel.


Hard cheese

The fat contained in cheese wraps itself around the teeth like a protective film and supplies the teeth with calcium, thereby strengthening the teeth. Besides, the protein content found in cheese called casein reduces the breakdown of tooth enamel.


Nothing like water to purify the body and maintain good teeth. Water has the virtue of cleaning the mouth after each meal, which prevents the formation of dental plaque. Besides, water is rich in calcium which helps to ensure the health and whiteness of the teeth. Drinking plenty of water lowers the level of acidity inside the mouth as it also helps prevent the formation of stains.



Nuts such as hazelnuts and almonds are rich in fiber, calcium, and protein, which strengthen the teeth. Nuts keep teeth clean.