Best Foods For Your Teeth

Overall oral care is more than brushing and flossing. There are a handful of decent habits to embrace to keep your bright and beautiful smile alive. However, don’t ignore the potent cleansing properties of ordinary, daily foods.


Consuming the right foods can help build strong teeth and healthier gums while keeping the tooth diseases at bay. Tooth decay and cavities are the most common oral diseases that affect millions of people worldwide. However, incorporating the best healthy food in the kitchen is for your teeth in your diet in tandem with brushing and flossing can improve your overall oral health.


So, let’s look at the superfoods that can strengthen your teeth and boost overall oral health.




Cheese is a superfood recommended for teeth because of its capacity to tame acid erosion of the teeth.

Whenever you consume a meal comprising citrus, bread, soda, etc., you’re subjecting your teeth to tooth decay resulting in acid. Taking cheese after a meal can neutralize the acid that emanates from a meal, making it the perfect dessert.




Fish is rich in calcium, which helps to keep teeth and gums disease-free. However, sufficient vitamin D is a requisite for the body to absorb enough calcium from your diet. Fatty fish is an excellent vitamin D source, rendering your teeth and gums complete disease-fighting benefits of calcium from various types of food that we consume.




This might be controversial, considering that oranges are a citrus fruit. But, the vitamin C in citrus bolsters connective tissue and blood vessels and decelerates gum disease development by negating inflammation.

Add oranges and other citrus fruits to your diet; however, keep in mind not to brush your teeth immediately after eating citrus fruits.


Green and Black Tea


Both green and black tea contain polyphenols, which come into contact with bacteria that gives birth to the plaque by subduing them. Sugars present in your mouth act as a source of food to the bacteria that in return eject tooth enamel damaging acids. This makes tea an ideal option before or after a meal since it subdues the acid-secreting bacterial in the mouth.