How Do Termites Damage A House

Have you ever experienced a termite infestation in your house? Hopefully, you first learned their signs of an attack before getting rid of them. If not, how will you detect their presence? How do termites damage a house? In reality, termites can destroy your house just as easily as fire or flooding, so you need to be careful in developing the necessary ways of preventing them.  We recommend getting a Building & Pest Inspection before thinking about buying a house.

How do termites damage a house?

Cause blisters in wood

Termites damage a house by causing blisters in woods in areas like floors and walls. They mostly attack the wood by feeding on it within or below. Moreover, subterranean termites might cause great damage to the subfloor making your wood appear as if it’s experiencing water damage.

Make your floors hollow

Termite damages the wood by chewing through it in search of cellulose thus leaving behind long grooves. Woods behind surfaces like floors, walls and more are the most affected. Over time, these hollows weaken the wood hence creating structural damage. Hollow woods usually have honeycomb interior and once hit they produce an empty sound.

Build mud tubes under your house

Termites form pencil sized mud tubes either where the ground meets the house or on any other place which is a possible food source like a tree or shed. For instance, the habitat of subterranean termites is underground and they forage up in search of food, which is a house structure. Termites make mud tubes as they feed on wood hence weakening the whole house structure.


Always be proactive on preventing the damage of termites on your house by looking for their signs on a periodic basis. Besides, maintain a termite protection plan by a reliable and reputable company that includes termite inspection at least once in a year. This will significantly get rid of the worry of having to repair your home due to termite damage.