How to Pick a Good Business Tie

For such small pieces, ties tend to attract a disproportionate amount of attention when you get them wrong. But because most formal outfits involve donning some version of suit and dress shirt, learning how to pick a good or browse business ties for sale is an unavoidable fact of life. Here are some tie tips to help you present the version of your outfit.


#1. Tie Colours


Ties are available in literally thousands of colours and patterns (more on patterns in a bit). The general rule of thumb when picking ties is to contrast the colours of the shirt and tie. Most people use the colour wheel to narrow down their options.


While not an exact science, the colour wheel gives you a few ideas about what sort colours will complement your outfit. Colours directly opposite one another are considered complementary, while those adjacent aren’t. Of course, in all things, you’ll need to apply some wisdom – there’s no sane way to wear a bright blue shirt and a bright orange without looking ridiculous. Try alternating the shades, so that the ties are a darker shade than the shirt.


#2. Tie Width


Wide and slim ties both have their moments. The key is to ensure the width of your tie is as close as possible to the width of your suit’s lapel.


#3. Tie Patterns


Plain ties may seem like the obvious way to go when wearing checked or striped shirts, but that is not always the case. As with all things fashion, the rule of thumb when wearing a patterned shirt and tie is to ensure the patterns on the tie are bigger and bolder than those in the background. Don’t forget to refer to the colour wheel when choosing your patterned tie.


#4. Skin Tone


The colour wheel still applies to your body. The darker your hair colour, the lighter your tie colour should be and vice versa. Stand in front of a mirror and do the same with your skin tone.


When in doubt, the easy way out is to pair your outfit with a solid black tie. You can’t go wrong with black.