Is coinspot reliable?

Coinspot is known all over Australia as one of the leading cryptocurrencies available. This cryptocurrency allows its users to safely and securely trade cryptocurrencies. But, is Coinspot reliable? Let’s take a look.


Outstanding track record

Ever since Russell Wilson established Coinspot in Australia, the cryptocurrency was never penetrated by hackers. Coinspot Australia is known for its outstanding security system that was certified and accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


Safety and Security

The cryptocurrency exchange of Coinspot strictly complies with the newly instated AML laws that are enacted by the AUSTRAC. The AUSTRAC is an agency under the Australian Government which is responsible for finding and deterring any criminal acts or abuse within the financial system. This agency serves as a protection of the community from any form of organized crime. The security measures CoinSpot is utilizing in their cryptocurrency exchanges, and tradings are comparable to that of a bank.


CoinSpot operates its security measures through the use of two-factor authentication (2FA). Before a user can log into their CoinSpot, the 2FA will require them to input a mobile code. This security feature had now become a security standard in terms of cryptocurrency exchanges or any type of exchange all over the world.



Compared to other existing cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia, CoinSpot holds the most number of years in the industry. The cryptocurrency exchange has over 260 available for the users to sell, trade, or buy. As opposed to other available cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia, other cryptos have not reached a hundred available options for their users.


What’s even better with CoinSpot is how much data is made available and accessible to its users. People who have an account in CoinSpot had always admired the simplicity of its interface. But more than its aesthetic appeal, the user interface provides its users with information that is invaluable to the cryptocurrency exchange. On a single page, the users can easily monitor and check multiple coin wallets. Plus, there is a visual presentation of the data portfolio in CoinSpot.


Technical chart analysis is of great importance to both traders and investors. With CoinSpot, the users are provided with essential trading tools from technical patterns, trend lines, and indicators. These trading tools will provide the user with vital information when it comes to the behavior of the prices.


Customer Service

If a user encounters a problem with the system, which is almost impossible and unlikely, CoinSpot can offer great customer support. Typically, customer support aids its users to provide them with an opportunity to start trading, most especially to new users. CoinSpot has created a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions which can be accessed in their Help Center. However, if a user has a more complex and specific concern CoinSpot provides a support team that can answer queries round the clock.


Overall, considering the length of time CoinSpot has in the industry of cryptocurrency, it had certainly earned the respect of traders and investors. Security and safety are some of the most important features to consider in choosing a specific cryptocurrency. CoinSpot boasts an ISO accreditation that is well-known worldwide.