Is Melbourne a nice place to live?

In the heart of Victoria, lies one of the most liveable cities on Earth, Melbourne. The stunning modern architecture is transporting you to the future. And the endless festivities and activities gathering up folks in the city center. Melbourne has everything and anything for anyone from all walks of life.


So, is Melbourne a nice place to live? If being ranked as 2nd of the most liveable city for four consecutive years, and bagged a top spot for three years is not enough as proof, then we stand defeated. Many have visited the city, fell in love with its charm and never left.


What is there to like in Melbourne? Melbourne is a city that has been designed for the people and by the people enriched with the merging of different cultures giving the city its unique vibe. From the Aussie’s laid-back lifestyle, you can find mouthwatering cuisines to picturesque views and lively festivals. The city is set to capture the heart of whoever sets foot on its ground.


Dubbed as the cultural capital of Australia, tourists, and locals alike will get hooked with its world-class entertainment and arts. The coffee culture and street arts are among the most prominent ones.


The coffee culture will have coffee lovers on the run. A sure hit for aficionados and casual drinkers as trendy cafes and cocktails are just about every corner of the city. Not to mention, that they serve coffee that’s up to the world-class standard.


When you say street arts, Melbourne is one of the places that pop into your mind. The iconic Hosier Lane will bring out the artist or model in you as you stroll and appreciate the magnificent artworks of various artists.


Love music? The city will never disappoint you as street performers are everywhere ready to showcase their talents and entertain passersby. If you are thirsty for live performance, sit back and relax while listening to these performers busking everyday.


When in Melbourne, you will love its unique charm foregoing some of its downside like traffic jam congestion. Going home to affordable serviced accommodation in Melbourne a place where you can relax or maybe a night out in the city who’d chase those blues away. No wonder people flock to live here.