Questions to ask before choosing a personal trainer in Melbourne

Have no doubt exercising constantly with an expert operating the show is great for you. Studies have shown working with a trainer who can explain to you exactly how to do a dead-lift, pull-up etc, produces better results than going on your own. If you are looking for good personal trainers in Melbourne I recommend asking these questions first



1. What credentials do you have?


Whether you need to develop your agility, build strength, or drop a few pounds, you’ll need to go to someone who is approved by a group you can trust.


2. Tell me about your experience?


Though the popular “practice-makes-perfect” argument has been ridiculed in part because people know that hours of doing something incorrectly isn’t going to make you a master of anything.



3. How does your approach help prevent injuries?


We want our personal trainers to design a program to work with any niggles, strains or injuries we might have.




4. Is their any particular style of training you use?


While any exercise is better than none. Some types of training don’t suit everyone. So it is important to know if a particular trainer focuses on a particular style


5. How much do you charge?


Remember that all that glitters is not gold. Some of the best trainers work out of their garages. Just because a large expensive country club employees a personal trainer doesn’t mean they are the best person for you. Don’t be ruled by your pocket when choosing the right person for you.


6. What coaching style do you use?


Finding the right trainer who can relate to you is so important. While you don’t need to be completely compatible to your trainer, you need to fee like they can relate to you at the very least.


Remember that a personal trainer is a great asset to a motivated client. But they cannot do the work for you.