Renovating is a big investment – perhaps one of the biggest you’ll ever make, next to purchasing your own home. That’s why it is important to take your time, do your research, and speak with experts about your renovation project, and only engage someone who has a QBCC licence.

Here at Kitchen Trends, we have been QBCC licenced since 2008 (Licence Number 1139411) , as we want our clients to have peace of mind knowing they are protected under the Queensland Warranty Scheme for the renovation work we carry out on their home. Below is some information you may find helpful about QBCC when trying to decide who to engage for your kitchen renovation.

What is the QBCC?

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), formerly known as Building Services Authority (BSA), is a commission established under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991. They regulate the building industry through licensing of contractors such as Kitchen Trends.

When researching and looking to engage a company to renovate your home, you should always check to ensure they are QBCC licensed.

What is a QBCC Licence?

Under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991, all builders, building designers and most trade contractors must be licensed by the QBCC to carry out building work (there are a few exceptions, such as electricians who have their own licensing system).

To obtain a QBCC licence, certain financial, experiential, technical and managerial standards have to be met. The QBCC is responsible for assessing licence applications, issuing licences, and ensuring that licensees continue to meet the required standards on a yearly basis.

If you are having a home built or work done around your home, you should contract only with someone who has a QBCC licence card (i.e. a builder, trade contractor or building designer licence). A QBCC licence indicates that, at the time of their application, the person whose name appears on the card met QBBC’s technical, trade experience, financial and managerial standards for the class of licence issued and is permitted to deal directly with the public.

Why should I engage a kitchen contractor with a QBCC licence?

When you use a QBCC-licensed contractor for construction of a home, major alterations or extensions, you are protected under the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme.

The scheme provides protection against defective construction work, non-completion of work covered by a contract, and subsidence or settlement of a building constructed under a contract in Queensland. You should only ever engage a licensed building contractor with a QBCC license.

Download QBCC’s Fact Sheet ‘What Is QBCC’, visit the QBCC website for more information or QBCC’s YouTube Channel ‘Build Better’ for informational videos.

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