We’re now seeing glass splashbacks incorporated more and more into other areas of the home outside of the kitchen, including the laundry and bathroom.

The reason for this is that glass splashbacks are so versatile and durable, providing a very streamlined look with little or no joins, perfect for the modern and contemporary style interiors that are now so popular. Plus, they’re super easy to clean and maintain.

Once you’ve decided you want a glass splashback, it’s important to then select the type of glass your splashback will be made from.

Below, we run through the different types of glass commonly used in splashbacks to help you determine which glass type may best suit your renovation and budget.

Standard Toughened Glass

Glass Splashbacks

Looking closely, the glass has a slight green tinge to it which is caused by the iron content of the glass from the manufacturing process. This colouration of the glass affects the appearance of the colour painted behind your glass, so you really need to be mindful of this when choosing your colour.

Price Point:    Standard glass is generally your most economic option

Installation:  1-2 weeks once your cabinetry and benchtops have been installed

Low-Iron Toughened Glass

This type of glass has less iron (hence its name) and when you look closely, it doesn’t have the green tinge like the standard glass we talked about above. So when it’s painted, the colour that shows through will be a truer representation of the colour you chose, giving you a wider colour palette to choose from.

Price Point:    Low-iron glass costs slightly more than standard glass

Installation:  1-2 weeks once your cabinetry and benchtops have been installed

Mirrored Toughened Glass

Glass Splashbacks

The manufacturing technique is the same as other toughened glass splashbacks, however there is a special mirror backing that is both moisture and water vapour resistant. The mirror is available in different colours including silver, smoke, bronze and graphite.

Price Point:    Mirrored glass will come in at a higher cost than your standard and low-iron glass due to the special mirror backing applied

Installation:  3+ weeks once your cabinetry & benchtops have been installed

Slumped or Textured Glass

Glass Splashbacks

Unique patterns and textures are created through the manufacturing process, using extremely high temperatures in a kiln, melting the glass enough to conform to a patterned pre-existing mould or completely custom mould. The end result leaves the glass textured on one side and completely smooth on the other.  A metallic paint is recommended when going with this glass type as it enhances the pattern of the glass.

Price Point:    Slumped or Textured glass will typically be your most expensive glass option due to the custom manufacturing process, as well allowing for a metallic paint which will maximise the glass’s visual impact.

Installation:  3+ weeks once your cabinetry & benchtops have been installed

Looking to renovate your kitchen, bathroom or laundry and would like to incorporate a glass splashback? Contact us today to arrange an obligation free design consultation and discuss how our expert Designers can work with you to design custom cabinetry for your space.