Five simple steps to your new designer kitchen.

Once you’re ready to engage a Kitchen TRENDS designer, the experienced team at Kitchen TRENDS follows five simple steps to provide you with your new designer kitchen, ensuring the experience of building your new kitchen is as easy, enjoyable and satisfying as possible.

Read on to find out about how each step in the process works at Kitchen TRENDS.

1. Showroom Experience & Home Visit

Whether you’re in our Brisbane and Gold Coast showrooms, you can speak with our expert kitchen designers face-to-face who will be able to answer any questions you may have about your kitchen renovation. You will also be able to touch and feel product samples, explore our real-life displays to discover what you may like and see the latest trends, designs and solutions for the most up-to-date kitchen. This is an important step in the process to ensure we understand your special needs and requirements for your ultimate custom-made kitchen renovation. We know you don’t renovate your kitchen everyday, but we do, so we will be able to explain all the latest trends and gadgets that will make a big difference in the way your new kitchen will improve your lifestyle. If you’re ready to proceed, we will book in an obligation free home visit where your expert kitchen designer will listen to your needs, consider your space and most importantly budget to be able to come back to you with a comprehensive design proposal for your new custom designed and manufactured kitchen that will give you many years of enjoyment.

2. Design Consultation

Once our expert kitchen designer has completed your home visit, you will be provided with an accurate quote that reflects the design to suit your lifestyle and any other special requirements you discussed. Our kitchen designer will work with you to achieve the best possible design to suit you, and will present you with a detailed summary of your cabinetry and installation costs, along with comprehensive 3D designs and floor plans so you can easily visualise your new dynamic space. From here, we will work with you to fine-tune everything, and make any adjustments you require. After all, it’s your new kitchen and we want to make sure it’s going to be exactly what you want before we start. We will not pressure you into signing anything. In fact, you won’t sign anything until you are absolutely happy with the design.

3. Site Check Measure

The Check Measure is the technical side of getting ready to manufacture your dream kitchen. It’s when our specialist technical team of cabinet makers review everything the designer has put together and come to your home to measure up for the final working drawings. The Check Measure will be completed, capturing all the required and detailed measurements that our technical production team needs to create your custom built kitchen. All of your appliances including sink, tap & any accessories need to have been selected at this point in time to ensure that your kitchen is made with absolute accuracy. You will be provided with Final Check Measure Drawings for your final tick of approval, before your cabinetry starts to be crafted in our factory.

4. Installation

The Installation of your cabinetry will generally commence one day after delivery and take approximately 1-3 days to complete (depending on the size of your room and what is involved with any extra special requirements). Your bench tops will be installed after your main cabinetry, followed by any bench top cabinetry, cooktops, sinks with your splashback being installed last. This installation sequence is important to ensure a perfect fit for your custom built kitchen.

5. Completion Quality Check

Congratulations! At this point, your brand new kitchen is now 100% complete and you’re ready to cook up a storm! Kitchen TRENDS will complete a final quality inspection including any final last minute adjustments that need to take place and we will make sure you are completely satisfied. You will be provided with our Kitchen TRENDS guarantee, and lifetime hardware warranty information for the specific products used in your kitchen cabinets giving you complete peace of mind.

Free In-Home Design Consultation

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