Whether you are working with an architect to design your dream home or renovating your current space to transform it into your dream home, teaming up with the right custom cabinet maker can go a long way towards bringing your vision to fruition. While there are places where you can buy pre-built cabinetry, the advantages of choosing custom cabinetry are numerous and far-reaching. At Kitchen TRENDS, a custom cabinet maker with locations in both Gold Coast and Brisbane, we believe these five advantages are the top reasons to choose custom over pre-built for your cabinetry purposes.

The Top Five Reasons to Choose Custom Cabinetry

  1. The Perfect Fit: One of the problems with choosing pre-built or semi-custom cabinets is that they are not designed or built based on the dimensions of your space. This shortcoming can lead to unfilled gaps in your kitchen cabinetry, or to a bathroom cabinet that is too large to fit. When you choose Kitchen TRENDS as your custom cabinet maker in Brisbane or Gold Coast, we will send a specialist to your home to measure the dimensions of your rooms and determine precise sizing for your cabinets. The result? Cabinets that fit your space like a glove, just as they should.
  2. Your Aesthetic Taste: When you shop for pre-built or semi-custom cabinetry, you might well find that you have a number of beautiful cabinets from which to choose. However, your choice in this scenario will naturally be limited. Stock cabinetry generally comes in just a few styles, with a few different types of wood. Stores look at what is most popular to decide what they should stock, so if you want something a bit more unique, you might be out of luck. When you opt for custom cabinetry, you get to choose the wood, the colour, the design style, the hardware, the finish and more—ensuring a cabinet that perfectly meshes with your aesthetic taste.
  3. Peerless Craftsmanship: Pre-built cabinets are often made on an assembly line, based on pre-set dimensions and templates. Custom cabinetry has unique demands that an assembly line cannot meet, and is, therefore, the product of peerless hand-built craftsmanship. These cabinets are more beautiful, more soundly built and ultimately better than their pre-built counterparts. In other words, when you choose custom cabinetry, you are not just ensuring a better fit for your home and your architectural taste, but you are also investing in a product that was truly built to stand the test of time.

Looking for Cabinet Makers in Gold Coast or Brisbane?

Are you looking for skilled custom cabinet makers in Brisbane or Gold Coast? If so, Kitchen TRENDS can help. Established in 2005, we have earned a reputation over the past decade as flexible designers and skilled craftsman. No matter which room you are looking to outfit with cabinets—from the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom—we cannot wait to work with you. Please contact us on 07 5522 0770 (Gold Coast) or 07 3856 6556 (Brisbane) to schedule a consultation.