To the uninitiated, kitchen designs might seem a none too thrilling topic. “What could be new and exciting there?” you might have thought at some point. Ask any professional in the know, however, and you’ll soon find that what’s considered the latest in kitchen designs is an ever-shifting thing, constantly being revised, updated, and improved upon by the industry’s leading innovators. If you’re just beginning to dip your toe in the big bad pond that is modern kitchen construction, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, but there is little to fear, as Kitchen TRENDS is here to help you find the very best in kitchen designs for 2016.

What’s New in Kitchen Designs for This Year?

The Kitchen Island – You’ve probably seen these unattached counters at a friend’s house and thought an island might look nice in your kitchen. Your instincts are correct, as the kitchen island is an ever popular choice for adding some personal flair to your space, and it’s making its way to centre stage this year with some updated additions. No longer just a square in the middle of the kitchen, the island can be customised to conform to your personal design tastes. Perhaps you’re into that retro-modern look? Try a low-sitting island with bright, bold colours and a smooth finish to bring out the feel of a 60s loft, transported and revamped for the new millennium. Maybe you prefer a traditional image? Add some beautiful legs with ornate carvings to replicate the appearance of an old piece of Romantic-period furniture. If you prefer to turn your kitchen into a 21st-century sports bar, a powerful hardwood counter and some leather-topped stools may be just the thing to turn your island into the perfect gathering spot for game night.

The Modular Kitchen – If you feel it’s time to like indulge your chic side, modular kitchen designs are an excellent way to get your kitchen looking hipper than ever before. Your kitchen will become part dining area, part gathering place, and 100% fashionable. 2016 is giving rise to a broad range of new materials, shapes, and colours to accommodate every taste imaginable. Stacked cabinets are in, as are healthy amounts of white, black, grey, and red. Not everything has to be rectangular either. Rounded and oval shapes are creeping their way back into open kitchen designs, to dramatic effect. You’ll also be seeing a lot more than wood and marble used in the kitchen. Metal is hotter now than ever, as is concrete, which adds an industrialised punch that fits well in high-rise and apartment style kitchen spaces.

Don’t Go It Alone

All this talk of new kitchen designs has likely got you chomping at the bit to get yours renovated. When researching what you’d like to do with your dream kitchen, remember to contact Kitchen TRENDS to get the job done right. We’ve got the highly skilled team of designers, project managers, craftsmen and admins that are essential to complete any kitchen successfully, whether remodelling or starting a brand new install. Give us a call today on 07 3856 6556 (Brisbane) or 07 552 0770 (Gold Coast) to get the ball rolling.