You already know that getting an expert team to design your kitchen is the best way to ensure success, but do you know what kind of work goes into the design and construction process? No shame if you don’t, Kitchen TRENDS is ready to take you on a quick journey to learn about what goes down when you call the pros to design a kitchen.

Your Crash Course in Kitchen Design

Different builders all have their quirks built into the process, but there’s some commonality that links most methods together. All projects begin with a preliminary phase in which the designer can get to know you and figure out your wants, needs, likes, dislikes, and everything else that will factor into your desires as a client.

You, in turn, will get to know more about your designer, and get a feel not only for their abilities but their overall character as well. Once you hit it off, they’ll likely invite you to check out product samples, take a look at some displays and examples of other kitchens to determine what you’ll want when they finally sit down to design your kitchen.

Once they have enough information to formulate their estimates, your designer will send along a quote and proposal that details the master plan for creating your fabulous kitchen. There will be plenty of high quality visuals so that you can get an understanding of what they’ve got in store. Also, you’ll be able to tweak the things you think need changing before anything is finalised (you wouldn’t want to end up with a kitchen you’re not going to enjoy, after all).

When everything is agreed upon, the specialists can get to work, reviewing the designers plans and taking measurements to make sure that installation will run smoothly. The team wants to be as accurate as possible, and will give you the opportunity to give your final blessing before the construction begins.

The actual installation is usually the next step, wherein skilled craftsmen ply their trades, building your custom kitchen based upon your finalised design. You’ll see your space transformed from its basic look into a real work of art. Once the construction is complete and they have checked its quality, you’ll be able to bask in the glory of your fabulously revamped (or entirely new) kitchen.

Amazing! I Need Someone to Design My Kitchen…

Well, it just so happens that Kitchen TRENDS are experts in this area, and can help you if you are in need of a remodel, or need someone to design a kitchen from the ground up. Kitchen TRENDS have ten years of experience in the trade, a staff of 30 skilled employees, and a passion for creating the very best in custom kitchens as well as staying up to date on the very best in design trends. When you’re ready to make the first move towards your fantastic kitchen, give us a call on 07 3856 6556 (Brisbane) or 07 5522 0770 (Gold Coast).