Essential tips to help you make the most of out of a small kitchen space

Smaller living is becoming more of a trend at the moment with people downsizing or renovating existing spaces. Often our designers are given the task of creating a functional, light, user friendly kitchen with very small dimensions. Of course they love a challenge and are always ahead of the space saving trends.

We have put together here some of our favourite methods which will help you make the most of out of a small kitchen space.

The single under sink bench

under sink bench


A single under sink bench is not only on trend at the moment but it’s a great space saver. The new larger single sinks still have plenty of space for big pots and dishes so you don’t need to feel you are compromising. The great benefit of having the sink under bench is that the extra few millimetres of bench you get opens up the whole kitchen. This makes the bench look much bigger than it is. We love this clean look and so do our clients.

Slimline cupboards that fill dead spaces

slimline cupboards beside stove



Kitchen design has come such a long way and we are very thankful for this! Instead of having dead spaces between ovens, cupboards and other voids we are now able to make use of this space and the results are fantastic. Not only does it keep more clutter off your benches, it also helps you organise smaller hard to find items such as chopping boards, tea towels, herbs and spices. The key to making a small kitchen look bigger is to minimise clutter so anything you can put away in cupboards is a bonus.

Corner drawers make kitchenwares more accessible

corner draws in acrylic kitchen



In the past if you wanted easy access into a corner cupboard without having to crawl inside you installed a lazy susan. Thankfully we have come a long way from this and we have multiple options for making the most of tight corner spaces. These drawers are designed to look seamless when closed and yet when open you have plenty of room for dishes and other items. The bottom draws are deeper which is perfect for cookware.

Pantry drawers to stop you losing things

pantry draws



Sometimes there is space for a deeper pantry but who wants that when you can’t find anything that’s hidden down the back? This clever design idea of utilising drawers in your pantry instead of shelving ensures every inch can be used. We’ve even seen some clients use the bottom drawer for storing those pesky appliances you need but don’t want on the bench such as the kitchen aid or toaster. All drawer sizes can be custom made so make sure you put some thought into what you will use them for and we can ensure a perfect fit.

Save space in other areas by making your kitchen multipurpose

33 Tierny Dr (4)



Some of our clients are faced with the difficult decision of making the kitchen bigger but sacrificing another zone of the house such as dining area or study. Our designers love a challenge and have some really creative ways of integrating more than one zone into the kitchen area.

In the image above our clients have opted for a bigger kitchen and have designed the island bench so that it can easily accommodate 6 people dining. This style of dining is becoming very popular and is a nice change from eating whilst sitting on the couch. They have also cleverly integrated a desk behind cupboard doors in the back right hand corner which allows a seamless kitchen look when not in use but great flexibility, especially for the multitasker in the family.

Make the most of out of a small kitchen space

7 Combabula St (10)



We hope this article has assisted you in starting to plan how you can make the most of out of a small kitchen space. As you can see from the ideas above, there are so many different ways you can maximise even the smallest space. Trust us, our designers have seen it all and have a solution! Come into our Brisbane or Gold Coast showroom six days a week for an obligation free chat. Now is the perfect time to investigate some options with our huge winter sale happening.

If you are still not sure on who you will be using to build your new kitchen, we have put together a quick guide to help make your decision a little easier.