When it comes to planning a kitchen renovation, you have a lot of different choices to make. From flooring to countertops, from appliances to fixtures, a kitchen renovation is a multi-tiered project that requires research and decision-making on a variety of different subjects. However, while there is a slew of different choices to be made, several are simplified by consensus opinion.

For instance, if you want the very best for your kitchen renovation, chances are pretty good you will choose engineered benchtops such as Caesar Stone.

Your Custom Cabinet Options at Kitchen TRENDS

Choosing which kitchen cabinets you want in your Gold Coast or Brisbane home can be more difficult, simply because there isn’t a consensus choice on what is best or most valuable. There are so many different textures, colours and styles to consider that choosing the cabinets that are best for your space can be difficult. Luckily, Kitchen TRENDS can help.

At Kitchen TRENDS, we offer custom cabinetry, which means that we will come to your home, measure the dimensions of your kitchen and determine all sizing figures for you. This custom measuring job will ensure that, regardless of the style of cabinet you choose, all of your cabinets fit into your kitchen perfectly.

From there, our team of designers will help you to envision your dream kitchen. Do you want a classic feel? Or would you prefer sleek white cabinets, for a more modern look? Kitchen TRENDS can craft your cabinets from a range of different materials, so let us know what kind of visual style you have in mind and we will help to match it to a specific wood or cabinet material.

The list of options available for our custom kitchen cabinets goes on and on. Would you prefer knobs or handles for your cabinet doors? Or perhaps no hardware at all, for a smoother and more natural look? Do you want any of your cabinets to have windows in their doors? Or would you prefer to have no doors at all, and to leave the cabinet open in a more cubby-like design? Height is also important to consider: taller cabinets can maximise the storage space in your kitchen, but might not be practical if your kitchen has lower ceilings.

Get Started with Your Kitchen Cabinet Designs in Gold Coast or Brisbane

Thinking about all of the above factors as you start envisioning the new kitchen cabinets for your Brisbane or Gold Coast home is a good idea to make sure you get exactly what you want. Kitchen TRENDS will do the rest of the heavy lifting, sourcing all of the materials and building your cabinets by hand in our factory.

If you are ready to initiate your custom kitchen cabinet designs, call us on (07) 3856 6556 for Brisbane or (07) 5522 0770 for our Gold Coast Office.