Need a bit of a push to get your creative juices flowing? Trying to hunt down some fresh kitchen design ideas to incorporate into your modern kitchen design? If so, then look no further, because Kitchen TRENDS has assembled an impressive array of unique concepts that you might want to try when the time comes to construct your very own custom kitchen.

Kitchen Design Gallery of Inspiration

Colour is King – Colours matter. They can set the tone for your kitchen space, make an area appear smaller or larger, and have a significant influence on our overall mood. What colours can you add to your kitchen design? Technically, any colours you want, but some standouts are becoming increasingly popular. Fans of lively, bright colours should consider adding some fresh yellows, blues, and reds to their scheme. When coupled with a neutral white or grey, they really stand out. If you want to give your kitchen a sleeker appearance, go dark. Deep natural browns, greens, and off-whites give you a natural vibe, and all black can provide a chic look that screams “MODERN” to your houseguests.

Trendy Furniture – Kitchen furniture doesn’t have to be purely functional. It can have plenty of form as well. Have you considered some art deco chairs, or some retro Bauhaus style stools? They can transport your kitchen to a time forgotten while simultaneously giving your kitchen a look that is slick and unique. If the rounded edges aren’t to your taste, there are plenty of futuristic looking angled seating options that take advantage of their bold, straight lines to give an ordered, modern appearance that’s perfect for urban environments.

Cabinets Galore – There are plenty of ways to customise cabinets to fit your kitchen design. If you’re looking for something new, why not try bringing back the cantilevered cabinet style? Once a relic of decades past, it’s making a strong comeback, and can add elegance and ease of use to your kitchen. If you’re into structure and symmetry, why not stacked or rectangular style cabinets? They’re a great option if you want everything in its proper place and easily accessible when you need it.

Back to Nature – You don’t need to segregate your kitchen from the outdoors entirely. You can weave the beauty of nature back into your kitchen design by adding some flora. Fresh greenery and brightly coloured flowers, positioned neatly against contrasting colours. City dwellings, in particular, can benefit from integrating plants into your design ideas.

Your Source for an Amazingly Modern Kitchen

You’ll need a helping hand to sort through all of the contemporary kitchen design ideas that are out there, shouldn’t you have a professional at your back? Kitchen TRENDS is here to help. We’re custom kitchen masters who have made the trade a personal passion, and delight in aiding clients realise their goals of a beautiful, personally designed kitchen that will stand the test of time. Feel free to peruse our kitchen design gallery for inspiration, and give us a call on 07 3856 6556 (Brisbane) or 07 5522 0770 (Gold Coast) when you’re ready to get started on your kitchen project.