Imagine if you will the following scenario: you’ve an idea for a new home, and you’ve found the perfect location. You feel you’ve done a pretty good job on your own thus far, but coming up with ideas for the kitchen is still a complete mess, and you’re at a loss on what to do to make your dream kitchen a reality. Sound familiar? Plenty of homeowners find themselves in a similar predicament and don’t know what move they should make next.

You could keep toiling away trying to piecemeal that designer kitchen you want for your new property, but there is a much more efficient and expedient option. Situations like these are where a quality kitchen designer can come to the rescue and turn your dream of a 21st-century kitchen into a reality.

Just What Do Kitchen Designers Do, Exactly?

The short answer? They create designer kitchens. That description, however, is too on the nose and doesn’t convey the nuance that goes into crafting the busiest room in your house. When you hire a dedicated kitchen designer, they painstakingly evaluate your space and consider the best options on crafting your perfect kitchen.

They put years of experience and expert knowledge on cabinets, countertops, floors, and more to use in an intricate process that transforms the ordinary (your current kitchen plans) into the extraordinary (the kitchen you actually want). They’ll be in your corner as you make decisions on colour, materials, textures, and all of the essentials that you want in your brand new designer kitchen.

Often, homeowners have an idea in their head about what they want, but just don’t know how to express it. That’s where the kitchen designer works their greatest magic: translating your thoughts into tangible changes.

I’m Interested. What’s It Going To Cost Me?

It’s impossible to tell right off the bat what a new kitchen will cost. You can, however, be aware of the biggest variables that will factor into building costs.

Materials are one of the most important decisions. You’ll have to select floors, counters, backsplashes, etc. that are going to stand up to wear and continuous use. You’ll want your kitchen to last and be in great shape if you decide to sell this home down the line, so it’s best to go with quality. You’ll probably also want surfaces that are easy to clean so that you aren’t spending every waking moment scrubbing away grime and residue.

Size is another major factor. The larger the area, the more materials you will need, and the greater your costs will be. Luckily, skilled kitchen designers already know this, and can give you options that will maximise your value while simultaneously controlling the costs of a project.

I’m Sold! Who Do I Call?

If you live in Brisbane or The Gold Coast, Kitchen TRENDS are your go-to guys for superbly crafted designer kitchen options. We have over ten years of experience in the kitchen and custom cabinet industry and know all the ins-and-outs of creating a brand new kitchen from the ground up. You needn’t stress yourself worrying about how to get the job done right, just give us a call today on 07 3856 6556 (Brisbane) or 07 5522 0770 (Gold Coast) to find out how we can aid in your new kitchen construction project.