Are you thinking about hiring someone to execute a kitchen design and renovation for your home in Brisbane or Gold Coast? If so, do you have a clear idea in your head of the kind of kitchen makeover you would like? At Kitchen TRENDS, we install some 300 designer kitchens per year in the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas, spanning all budgets and styles. With more than a decade experience under our belts, we can help you execute the perfect kitchen renovation for your home.

With that said, the more you know about what you want for your space, the more effective we can be while doing our jobs. Take a few minutes to read through this list of current trends in kitchen design, to help you formulate a vision for your kitchen renovation.

The Top Five Trends in Kitchen Design

  1. White Designs: White kitchen designs are, in many ways, the consensus choice right now. White walls, white cabinets, white flooring, which backsplashes and white walls can combine to create a sleek, modern and uniform look that feels both instantly classy and unanimously welcoming. White kitchen designs also pair well with stainless steel appliances, which are in vogue right now, as well. If you would prefer to go with a colour, both grey and blue are trending in the kitchen design world right now.
  2. Granite or Quartz Countertops: Both granite and quartz are hugely popular choices for kitchen countertops. Beautiful, tough, resistant to scratches and impressive enough to catch the eyes of anyone who walks through the door, quartz and granite countertops can tie just about any kitchen designs together—from Brisbane to New York and beyond.
  3. Open Concept: Open concept home remain very in-demand in the real estate market, and the open concept obsession extends to the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the heart of the home, and open kitchen designs that bleed into the dining room or living room can make it easier to entertain guests, have conversations with family while preparing meals and more.
  4. Open Shelves: Though more polarising, perhaps, than something like white cabinets, open shelves and cabinets have gained traction in kitchen designs recently. Whether you want to display expensive dishes or wine glasses for all to see, or simply want to have a more unique aesthetic in your kitchen, open shelving might be something to consider.
  5. Innovative Cabinet Designs: Modern kitchen cabinet designers are innovating in a whole slew of new ways. Toe-kick drawers and streamlined pull-out cabinets use untapped space to expand the storage capacity of your kitchen while concealed cabinets make your kitchen look completely clutter-free while still providing plenty of room to keep all of your stuff.

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