The kitchen splashback no longer needs to be dull and boring. Today there are a wide variety of materials that open up the door to both stylish and contemporary looks that help add colour and vibrancy or simplicity and clean lines into your kitchen.

We’ve collated some of our real life custom kitchens to help you decide which you’d prefer – a pop of colour or the pure white look. We find the kitchen splashback can be one of the most difficult choices for our clients. Most people already have an idea of their kitchen cabinet colours before they visit us, yet when faced with adding colour and choosing the material for the kitchen splashback, we find this can be a difficult decision. Which do you prefer?

The ‘Pop of Colour’ Look



The ‘Pure White’ Look



Come into our Brisbane or Gold Coast showroom six days a week for an obligation free chat. Now is the perfect time to investigate some options with our huge 1/3 Off Sale – Hottest Prices in Queensland happening.

Our designers are happy to help you decide which look will go best with the rest of your home so that your new kitchen fits seamlessly into your home. Whether you go a bold colour or pure white, we know the end result will be stunning.

If you are still not sure on who you will be using to build your new kitchen, we have put together a quick guide to help make your decision a little easier.