Ask anyone in the real estate industry what the No. 1 renovation of a home should be and the resounding response is the kitchen. A modern kitchen design can do wonders to the value of a home. Those that have kitchens that are outdated or inefficient would be hard pressed to sell these days. Kitchen TRENDS specialises in the design and remodel of kitchens in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Having been in the business for ten years now, we offer our customers two beautiful showrooms, one in Brisbane and one in Gold Coast, where they can receive help designing the kitchen of their dreams. When completed, you can be assured that the finished product will add tremendous value to the home.

Why Homes Need Modern Kitchens

The modern home has changed over the past few decades. No longer is a living room or family room the central gathering place in a home. That has shifted to the kitchen. Most modern kitchen designs emphasise this fact. There is a need to modify kitchens that lack the ability for individuals to interact. Our professional designers can open up your kitchen so that family and friends can be part of the action. A newly renovated kitchen can become a perfect place for families to meet before leaving for the day, or a place to discuss the day after it has ended.

New modern kitchens can also significantly increase the storage space available. Kitchen TRENDS designs and manufactures its custom cabinets. Our cabinets are of the highest quality and will fit perfectly every time. The right design will incorporate the correct amount of storage that best suits you and your family’s needs.

Since the modern kitchen has become one of the most important rooms in the home, having an updated one is crucial when reselling. Potential buyers will examine the kitchen carefully, and a newly renovated one will have a much better chance of resulting in a quick sale. The new kitchen will also result in a higher price for the home than it would have without it.

The Kitchen TRENDS Process

Kitchen TRENDS understands that you do not renovate your kitchen every day. We invite all of our potential clients to visit one of our two showrooms and speak with our kitchen designers face-to-face. You get to see for yourself the latest in modern kitchen design. At the same time, we get to learn a little bit more about your needs and requirements for your new custom designed kitchen. When you are ready to proceed, we book an in-home visit at no extra cost to you. This way we can see your space and evaluate your budget.

After a design consultation, we do a site check measure so that we have the exact measurements and specifications to complete your kitchen. Once you approve the final drawings, we begin the installation, and when finished we do a final quality inspection. This process ensures that you are completely satisfied with a gorgeous modern kitchen.

For more information, please call us on 07 3856 6556 in Brisbane or 07 5522 0770 in Gold Coast. You can also reach us by using the Click Here to Contact Us tab.