The new kitchen is now the heart of the modern home. Families start their day and meet up from time to time in the kitchen. A beautiful open kitchen is multifunctional and is the new living room of years past. If your kitchen is outdated, it is time to consider some new ideas. Kitchen TRENDS has been designing custom made kitchens and cabinets for the last ten years. Homeowners in Gold Coast and Brisbane have worked with our professional designers to achieve the kitchen of their dreams, one that is now the focal point of any home.

New Kitchens Are Living Space

Kitchens were and still are for cooking. What has changed over time is that the kitchen is no longer just for cooking and preparing meals. The new modern kitchen is not a quiet room. It is one that often has energy, aromas, conversation, and much more. Kitchen TRENDS can design and install a room that provides you and your family with an actual kitchen but also an area for gathering. You can entertain guests in a new kitchen designed by professionals. Now in our 10th year, we have a staff of over 30 who are all highly skilled in custom made designer kitchens and cabinetry. We can transform your kitchen into a modern living space.

Kitchen Size Does Matter

With the emergence of the modern kitchen as a gathering place, its size does matter. A home’s resale value can depend largely on the kitchen. Its location, size, and functionality are key when it comes to selling a home. If you own an older home with a smaller kitchen, let the professionals at Kitchen TRENDS help you look at possibilities that could increase its size and give it a more open feel.

New Kitchens Reflect Lifestyle Changes

Kitchens used to be smaller rooms, sometimes cut off from the rest of the home. They were used almost exclusively for cooking. A separate dining room was where family and friends would gather for meals. Today’s lifestyle changes reflect the need for new kitchen ideas. Our designers are full of new ideas, and they work with you to determine your style, your needs, and your budget so that they can design the ultimate kitchen. Kitchen TRENDS takes care of everything for you beginning with the design. We organise the various trades – plumbing and electrical among others – and continue to monitor your installation all the way through to the final quality check.

Why Choose Kitchen TRENDS

When you choose to work with us on your kitchen transformation, you receive unrivalled personalised attention. Our customers enjoy receiving an all-inclusive price for all the services necessary to complete the renovation project. As mentioned, we take care of all trades and any other services that are crucial to the completion of your kitchen.

If you have been searching for the kitchen of your dreams, call the experienced professionals at Kitchen TRENDS on 07 3856 6556 in Brisbane and 07 5522 0770 in Gold Coast. You can also click on the “Click Here to Contact Us” tab to reach us.