Asking the right questions when choosing a company to do your kitchen renovation can save you hundreds of dollars and months of heartache. Here are ten questions to ask before choosing your kitchen renovation company that will help you sort out who’s right for you.

1. Can they deliver on time?
Every moment you are waiting for your kitchen is an inconvenience and a disruption to your life. You want to avoid this at all cost.
Can you be confident that they’ve delivered on time in the past and will do the same for you? What’s their track record? How do they ensure timelines are met?

2. Do they have a project delivery system to meet your deadline?
Are you clear on the process that will take place from your initial contact to delivery? Do you know what deadlines and milestones there are for finalizing design, choosing materials and final delivery?
Ask them to illustrate the sequence of tasks in a project schedule.

3. Are their past clients happy with their service?
Do they have testimonials or references from past clients that illustrate how they worked with clients to produce creative solutions to the clients’ needs? Fundamentally, it’s proof that they can do what they say.

4. Are they up to date with the latest trends?
Do they bring more to the table than just cabinetry skills? Can they offer informed market insights about what enhancements will add value and appeal to specific market segments? Do they know what trends will last past one season?

5. Do they have before and after photos of their work?
Before and after photos are the best way to determine how a person deals with particular spaces and issues. They reveal a level of detail that can’t be seen on a plan. You can easily assess the interpretation of a clients brief from the before and after – more storage, light, bench space, modernization, timeless.

6. Are they properly registered and insured to cover you (if something goes wrong)
In the event that something goes wrong, are you covered or will there be unforeseen expenses and possible legal fees required?
Are any permits required and do they have the required licenses?
If your supplier can’t provide these, be wary as you probably won’t be covered if something goes wrong.

7. Are they members of industry bodies?
Most industry bodies require a certain level of experience/education/expertise for membership. They also will most likely have certain compliance requirements. This way you’ll know you’re not dealing with a back harder.

8. Do they have a solid team of trades people around them to call upon?
The best plans in the world just won’t happen without the right trades. Are you confident that the company you choose to work with has the relevant support trades either on staff or have a team of contractors they regularly work with and can choose the best one for your particular job requirements.

9. How do they keep your project on budget?
Assuming you’ve specified a budget (and you’d be crazy not to), how will the designer/project manager keep things in check? Will you get any surprise expenses?

10. How do they ensure quality work is done?
The last thing you want is having call back various trades to rectify faults that only become apparent a little way down the track. The best way to avoid this is to ensure your supplier uses tried and tested materials and has a maintenance program you can follow for your kitchen. If something does need attending to who do you call? Do you have warranty documents? What’s their after sales service like.

If you ask the right questions in the beginning it can save you time and money in the future. We are so confident in our pricing and service that we are happy to provide a price match guarantee to all bookings. Why not visit us in either our Brisbane or Gold Coast showroom to see how we can help you construct your dream kitchen.